Careers in Zoology

What is Zoology, and what can you do with a degree in Zoology?

Zoology is not just the study of wild animals, their biology, and their behavior -- the Zoology major is chosen by many students who seek a career in one of the several health care professions, careers in academia, or careers in the environmental sciences.

Thinking Long-Term: Careers in Zoology

Do not be overly concerned if at the outset you do not know your exact interest and goals as a future zoologist -- explore different areas of Zoology.  The courses that you take, the instructors that you encounter, and the laboratory and field work that you experience will help you to shape your ultimate goals as a zoologist.  It is important that you obtain a solid foundation not only in the basic core of Zoology courses, but also in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. This foundation will enable you to pursue a range of different career opportunities later on.

Exploring a variety of aspects of Zoology can spark interest in possible career fields -- don't become concerned if you're not quite sure what path you want to pursue

Sometime during your first year at Miami, you should set goals that point you toward a particular career.  Your career goals may change as you encounter new areas of interest while in college.  Nonetheless, setting tentative goals will aid you in selecting courses and in looking beyond the immediate future.

It is important to discuss career possibilities and requirements with members of the Zoology faculty and with area professionals.  For example, most area dentists, physicians, optometrists, veterinarians, etc., are willing to discuss their professions with Miami students. In addition, there are designated faculty members in the Department of Zoology who serve as preprofessional advisors to students, each on a particular type of career:

Professional Programs
Pre-Dentistry Robert A. Balfour, M.S..
Pre-Medical Robert A. Balfour, M.S.
Pre-Physical Therapy Robert A. Balfour, M.S..
Pre-Veterinary Robert G. Sherman, Ph.D.
Career Programs
High School Biology Teacher Phyllis Mendenhall
Marine Science Susan M.G. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Pre-Optometry Katia Del Rio-Tsonis, Ph.D.
Pre-Pharmacy Michael L. Robinson, Ph.D.
Zoology Graduate Schools Paul F James, Ph.D.

To contact these faculty members, access the faculty database.

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