Welcome to the Department of Zoology at Miami University
Introduction from Douglas Meikle, Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair

Our mission in the Department of Zoology at Miami University is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with excellent academic preparation and research experience. The Department is one of the largest at Miami University and also one of the largest Zoology programs in the nation.  This allows us to offer a wide range of courses and seminars from cellular and molecular biology to conservation and environmental biology.

Zoology students work closely with faculty members to plan their programs of study, conduct research, and pursue employment opportunities

The Department has outstanding laboratory facilities that are supported by the University, as well as by grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, National Institutes of Health; National Science Foundation; the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. Facilities include DNA sequencing, synthesizing, and analytical equipment and specialized equipment for cellular, developmental and neurophysiological research, including electron microscopy and confocal laser facilities.

Miami University is located near excellent sites for field studies in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The University’s Ecology Research Center, located close to the campus, has nearly two hundred acres devoted to a wide range of research projects in behavior, ecology, and environmental biology. In addition, Hueston Woods State Park is only 6 miles from campus and several other field sites are readily available to faculty and students.

Facilities available to Zoology students include DNA sequencing, synthesizing, and electron microscopy and confocal laser facilities

The 34 faculty members in the Zoology Department work closely with students to help them plan their programs of study, conduct research, and pursue special internship and employment opportunities. A very large percentage of our undergraduates are admitted to professional and graduate schools or they acquire rewarding jobs in the biological sciences. Likewise, our graduate students have excellent success at acquiring faculty and research positions in colleges and universities, as well as employment in research laboratories, state and national parks, government agencies, and private firms.

Miami University is known for its classic architecture and beautiful campus. It is located in scenic, pastoral southwestern Ohio, one hour from Cincinnati and Dayton, and is adjacent to the quaint and historic town of Oxford. The University and town offer a peaceful and friendly community in which students can make use of the faculty and facilities to achieve their career goals.

Pearson Hall, located in the northeast quadrant of Miami's beautiful campus, is home to the Department of Zoology

Please take the time to explore this web site and see what The Department of Zoology at Miami University has to offer to both undergraduate students and graduate students.  If you have any further questions, please contact Joni Robinson, Administrative Assistant for the Department at robinsjm@muohio.edu.  Thank you for your interest in our program.

Douglas Meikle, Ph.D.

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Pearson Hall
is home to The Department as well as an extensive array of high-tech e


The city of Oxford
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