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"Molecular" collage: DNA, RAPD Gel, Microarray, RT-PCR Gel, and DNA Sequence; PCR Thermocycler; Microarray applicator; RT-PCR gel on a UV transilluminator. (Oris) T. Wissing with undergrads, D. Kaufman lecturing, P. Ramirez receives Ph.D., L. Isaacson in lab. (Oris) E. Cho (MS) working in lab; Undergraduate poster presenters; grad student in lab; D.Meikle in lab. (Oris, Hoffman, McFarland)

Lake Tahoe research in Oris lab: Collecting zooplankton, seining fish, sorting fish, setting-up toxicity experiment. (Oris, Claytor) Histology of the regenerating eye in amphibians. From laboratory of Dr. K. del Rio-Tsonis. (Madhavan) Undergrad working in Fernandes lab, W. Jackson (BA) in Oris lab, P. Ramirez (Ph.D.) at ERC, and undergrad in Callahan lab. (Fernandes, Oris, McFarland, Claytor)

L. Rowland (MS) w/ mouse, undergrad poster presenters, grads in Hoffman lab, mouse. (Hoffman, Oris) Pearson Hall and scenes from around Miami campus. (Claytor, Oris, Miami electronic images) S.McClain (PhD) w/ RT-PCR gel, various shots of undergrads. (Oris)

D. Russell (PhD) in lab, praying mantis, anole lizard, redtail hawk. (Oris, Claytor) C. Marwood (postdoc) measures light penetration at Lake Tahoe, tea flower, spider web, coral reef. (Oris, Claytor) Various undergraduate researchers in Wilson and Isaacson labs. (Wilson, Isaacson, Oris)


S. DeCouto (MS) w/ neurons in Isaacson lab, neurons, undergrad in Isaacson lab, L. Maynard (MS) in Isaacson lab (Isaacson, Oris) A. Cady leads portion of REU retreat, various undergrads at REU retreat, undergrads collecting invertebrates in stream. (Rypstra, Sternberg, Oris)